Remember that nobody said life was easy

Let us finish this first section of the top two sales ideas and the five techniques that make them implementable by reminding ourselves that although we may as salespeople have the occasional ‘bluebird’, the order that comes in without our putting any or much effort into getting it, mostly it takes hard graft.

A sales manager contributor said this: Sometimes selling takes not only focus but also hard work. I remember a salesman in London selling accounting systems. Every Friday we used to go to the pub at lunchtime to celebrate deals won or drown our sorrows. This man didn’t turn up one Friday and everybody assumed he had had a bad week. Later that afternoon he arrived back at the office with a handful of orders he had closed that morning. He had decided to do a few hours’ cold calling as he was in an area he hadn’t done much prospecting in before and that was why he had missed the gathering.